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Kansas City | Host City World Cup 2026


Mar 7, 2023

2026 World Cup cities: Kansas City is a U.S. city hosting the World Cup in North America. The city in the USA is part of the sixteen cities that will host the FIFA World Cup in 2026. Kansas City, Missouri, is one of the eleven US cities that have made a stadium available – Kansas has the Arrowhead Stadium – in addition to two Canadian and three Mexican host cities. Find here the most important information you will need, perhaps to visit the city in 2026. Information about buying tickets for this American World Cup Soccer city of play. Info about the time zone, tourist attractions, typical characteristics in the field of sports, football and culture. And more about what Kansas City has to offer visiting fans of the global finals in 2026.

State: Missouri
City population: 491,918 (2018 est.)
Time zone: winter UTC-6 (EST), summer UTC-5 (EDT)
Altitude: 277 meters
Exp. temperature during the 2026 World Cup: 19.3 – 32.3 °C
Venue: Arrowhead Stadium
Seating capacity:

Kansas City World Cup city – in brief

Kansas City is the largest city in the U.S. state of Missouri, founded in 1830, as a port of the Missouri Rover, where it confluences with the Kansas River. The City is nicknamed the ‘Heart of America’, as it is located in the nation’s geographical center, and has also been named ‘Paris of the Plains’, in earlier times. This cosmopolitan as well as sportive town, abbreviated as KCMO, has a rich sports history onto which a new World Cup chapter could be added in 2026.

Kansas City tourist hotspots

Kansas attractions: these are the best tourist spots of World Cup Soccer City Kansas City, USA. Are you buying a ticket for one or more matches at the Arrowhead Stadium? These are the hotspots of Kansas City that, around the World Cup match, make your trip, visit and stay in the city even more fantastic.

See these tips with museums, parks, shopping centers, events, galleries, historical, cultural and/or musical experiences and other places of interest. They can be experienced in Kansas City, host of the World Cup 2026. The best attractions and the best things to do? Find here the best hotels, restaurants, theaters, concert halls, entertainment and activities to do in Kansas City. For children and adults. A useful quick summary. And if desired, click through to the official Kansas City Tourism and Travel website.

Kansas City Sports & Soccer City

Kansas City has a rich background in sports, and is specifically passionate about the game of soccer. This Host City is planning to invest half a billion US dollars in improving its soccer infrastructure. Kansas City is, or has been, home of several top-level soccer teams, with as its ultimate shield Sporting Kansas City. This club, also known as The Wizards, was one of the founders of the Major League Soccer. Also the Kansas City Chiefs (NFL), and the Kansas City Royals (MLB) are nationally and internationally renowned. Kansas City, and the Arrowhead stadium, have hosted several major soccer games, such as World Cup Soccer Qualifying matches, matches for the CONCACAF Gold Cups, CONCACAF Olympic qualifiers and the MLS Cup Final. It is nice to know that the Arrowhead Stadium has been ‘officially’ awarded for being the World’s Loudest Stadium.

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